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Hi, first of all let me tell you I am an international student who has english as a second language. I applied to UBC and I meet the english recquirement in more than 1 way.

I haven't seen any of you guys talking about SAT/ACT scores, but UBC has institution codes for these, I guess it's for something.

I have a pretty bad SAT reasoning, with a total of 1630 which I don't really know if I should report or not.

I also have SAT subject tests, with: math II:640 physics:600 chemistry:570 which isn't that bad.

So the question is, should I report my SAT scores?

I'm applying with an averege of 92% for the faculty of applied science.

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Ok um...Canada doesn't use SAT scores...only the US.
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Canadian universities do not require you to submit your SAT or ACT scores, but as an international student it may possibly benefit you to provide them for universities to assess your capabilities in relation to a standardized test. I took both tests and didn't report either scores to any of my Canadian universities as I felt it was not necessary, but I am a Canadian citizen. Report the scores if you believe they will only help you.
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