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Bad Semester 1 Marks

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Hi everyone, so im in grade 12 and i did really bad for semester 1, and im expecting a 5 course semester 2.
I ended with: Accounting - 60
Adv Fun - 55
English - 75
Chem - 60

I also applied to ryerson for business tech and business management, guelph humber for business administration and york for business tech.

My question is will i get denied acceptance at any universities for first semester marks? what if all of my second semester marks have an 80 average?
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A photo of ps3fanboy25 ps3fanboy25
Sorry to say but I am pretty sure you will not get into any of those programs. Ryerson wants a 65% in a 4U Math and 4U English, so you need to redo math. Ryerson also required a 74-80% average, for me it was 74% but it depends on the person. Really try harder, take as many courses as you can next semester and also an online course or night school, focus on increasing your average and getting a 4U math credit with at least a 70%.

How could you do so poorly though? Why would you take Chemistry if you want to focus on business management?

Most universities wait for semester 2 marks but if some also send early rejections.

good luck! focus and try hard, you didn't spend the last 12 years of your life in school just to mess up now! :)
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