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A photo of Rourachnitchai Rourachnitchai
Who bakes?

By that I mean.. who engages in the production of baked goods?

I made cookies last week and this weekend I am going to make raisin bread. I have discovered the wonderful domesticity of baking. :chef:
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A photo of blackjack blackjack
I baked cookies last week.. then gave them to all my teachers LOL
I sometimes bake when i'm bored but recently I've been quite busy
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A photo of jensaur jensaur
I made some chocolate chip cookies a couple weeks ago, and cupcakes yesterday. It's becoming my late night activity... baking at 11pm LOL!
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I made funfetti cupcakes for a coffeehouse last night.
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A photo of gingerlizard gingerlizard
I totally bake!!!!

I just made a cake on Friday (okay, it was from a mix), but it's sooo good to make yummy food when you want it!!!
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A photo of kraken kraken
I bake concoctions including but not limited to pies, muffins, cookies, cakes, bread, and squares. all from scratch because I'm awesome.

SA members such as lashes, deathangel, Abop and s-ab have recently enjoyed my rhubarb squares and/or pumpkin muffins and can attest to the tastiness.
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A photo of AlikaK AlikaK
mmmmm baking! I honestly love baking and I always come up with these ideas that I want to make... but stupid busy schedules prevent that. But when I do get a down time, I love making some cookies or squares or cakes. Yes - that is one thing I will miss when I go to university. Not having a kitchen for the first year when I live in rez will mean no baking :(
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