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BBA/BCs Double Major At Laurier And Waterloo + My Other Options!

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Hey Guys,

So I got an offer from Laurier today for:
BBA Business Administration (WLU) and BCs Computer Science (Waterloo) Double Degree Co-op program

I wanted to see what people here think about this program.

I am an IB student with a predicted overal grade of 36, including a 7 in Business and Management HL and an A in Business and Management Extended Essay. So as evident, I'm very enthusiastic about business and it's definitely what I wanna do in my life. I have no knowledge of programming and software engineering; I applied to this program just because it's a DD and it's like you attended 2 universities which I thought might look very good on my CV later in life. Do you guys think this program suits me?

I have also applied to:

Schulich BBA
Carleton Commerce
Concordia BComm

I honestly WANT to go to Concordia cause all my friends are there and John Molson is really a good school. My chances are slim for York (last year's minima was 36) but if I get into that, I'd go for sure. How would you guys rate my options here? I'm pretty sure I'll get into Carleton and Concordia, it's just the matter of choosing one. Help me out people, I'm seriously clueless :D

Thanks for the help
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Okay so!
First off: minor pet peeve of mine... Its a double degree, not a double major. And on to the real stuff...
You will certainly be challenged since you don't have any programming experience. That's not to say you won't do well in it, you certainly can. It just takes hard work.

One primary advantage of DD is guaranteed co-op. Getting relevant work experience can be quite difficult, and co-op basically guarantees that for you - don't shrug it off. Many of my friends who are not in co-op are struggling to find a job unless they networked like there's no tomorrow.

If you are primarily business focused and don't have an interest in CS I'd recommend Schulich. If you actually have an interest in it, go for DD. I don't know too much about Concordia, but avoid Carleton at all costs.

Visit all the schools if you can, try to find out which one you can envision yourself at for the next 4/5 years. Here's my thread about DD where I answer lots of questions. I broke 20k views wuddup. Feel free to reach out to me through PM if you have more questions, or ask here of course.
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