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BC ministry of education $2500 provincial exam scholarship

A photo of Hdefinition Hdefinition
The BC ministry of education provides the TOP 20 students with a scholarship of $2,500. the criteria is the average score of all the required provincial exam scores. The marks that are used are from the English 10/12, science 10, math 10, socials 11 exams.
Post your overall averages even if you havent completed all the exams yet so you can see where you stand to win this scholarship :)
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A photo of JWasteneys JWasteneys
I didn't really know that the grade 10 exams counted for much, so I didn't really study much for them. I hated the english exam as well.
I got 96% in math 95% in science and 86% on the english exam.
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A photo of Tuffdog Tuffdog
It is incredibly hard to get. Unless you get like %90+ on your provincals, it is doubtful you will get it. The $1000 scholarships are much more reasonable, its 3 B's and 1 A on your provincal exams. I think you may also have to get a B on the english 12 provincal, but I am not sure.
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