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BC teacher's Job Action affecting university application...

A photo of ntgiu ntgiu
So for all you BC students, is the BC teacher's Job Action affecting your application process? I didn't even have a transcript to send out to Ontario for early acceptances. It's so frustrating for me when most universities don't have self-reported grades. Did any of you get early acceptances to Ontario schools? How early did you send your grades?
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A photo of ngoumeniouk ngoumeniouk
my school is actually still creating transcripts and sending them out to ontario, so I can't really speak from personal experience, but I guess the only advice I can give (sorry to state the obvious) is to just make it a top priority to get it done and send them out when you can-- if any serious issues arise, contact the universities individually to explain your case, I imagine they would be sympathetic to the situation because sometimes there's just nothing you can do! good luck :)
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