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BCom versus BSc Econ

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I am a Canadian student living in Victoria, B.C.
I would like to stay local, or at the very least, provincial.
If I chose Commerce, I would take it at the recently named Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, formerly Faculty of Business, University of Victoria.

My question:
Pro's and Con's for a commerce and economics degree.
Both are good choices. What could I learn from one that from the other I will not?

Any insight you might have is appreciated.

Thank you.

P.S. At the end of your post, if you could list your credentials to give me an idea of where your opinions are coming from.
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Hey, I'm heading to UVic next year too. What I'm doing is taking BCom pre-requisites while in the faculty of Social Sciences. BCom doesn't start till 3rd year at UVic.

I talked to the UVic rep and she said that the degree you get from BCom will cover a wide variety of jobs related to business. ie/ I don't take a specific program for Human Resource Management. Education from BCom will allow me to get a job in that area.

That probably really didn't help.
But I am interested in the answers you'll get from this.

Oh oops, forgot. This isn't a credential, per se, but I'm basically a lost gr 12 student seeking answers to life questions and future certainty.
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A photo of jpostle jpostle
No, thank you. I appreciate any and all inputs.

That's what I'll likely end up doing. A BCom heavy on economics in the first two years. The downside with this approach is that it doesn't technically qualify as a 'minor' in Economics. But you'll know the material for the first two years.
Additionally: You have to make sure you've been accepted into BCom. I'm not 100% sure about the number, but I believe there are only 120 seats per year.

Thank you
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A photo of firmament104 firmament104
Yeah, I'm going to apply to BCom in my third year, after I've done the pre-requisites.
Np, and thanks.
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