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BComm V.S BBA?

A photo of chimpe2 chimpe2
Whats better to have? A BBA or BComm? I am going into Business for sure but i dont know whether i want to go into accounting or finance or management yet so i was wondering whether a BBA or BComm is better?
More specifically, the schools I'm looking at are:
-UFT - BComm
-Schulic - BBA
-Waterloo/Laurier(which one is better) - BBA?(I think)
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A photo of aeryn aeryn
It might be a different name, but those degrees will get you the same jobs. It doesn't matter whether it's commerce or business administration.

Make sure you spell Schulich right if you apply to it :P
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A photo of DayOnBay DayOnBay
Whether it's HBA, BBA or B.Comm, they're all just different names for a business degree. No abbreviation is "better" than the other.

Although maybe you could say Queen's B.Comm degree is better than Western's HBA.
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