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BCS (UW) / BBA (WLU) chances?

A photo of gterr gterr
I've been having worries lately because of my poor gr. 11 marks (80% cumulative average). However, I've been working a lot harder this year around, and am hoping that the lack of acceptances is due only because of the lack of performance last year.


Semester 1:
97% Computer Science
82% Advanced Functions
98% Information Science

Semester 2 (Finalized for mid-terms):
100% Electrical Engineering
85% Calculus and Vectors
93% English

Cumulative Average:


School Lifeguard
Placed 4th place in Regional Swimming Individual 100m Medley
President of Robotics and Film Club
Executive technology representative of the Student Council
Work part-time at Burger King
Participant of CCC (Senior Division, never wrote Junior), two years in a row
Finalist of ECOO, placed top 8
Invitee of ShowCaSe 2011 (Computer Science Fair)
Writing Euclid 2011

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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A photo of North North
You should be fine. You have good amount of ECs and a competitive average. Don't expect anything until after mid-terms are uploaded to OUAC though.

For the most part UW wants to see the pre-requisite marks. Also, the DD programs don't give out many offers until May - according to Peter Wood (Math/Bus DD Director at UW)
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
should be okay but math marks may be of concern. I swear UW has a thing for lifeguards :P
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A photo of gterr gterr
Yeah, I'm going to see what I can do in terms of increasing that Calculus mark (mid-term marks are due in 4 days). Thanks for the feedback, though.

What was the cut off (not admission average) for this type of program last year? 91%?
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