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A photo of spencer15b spencer15b
What's the most fullfilling thing you've ever accomplished?
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10 replies
A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Being me. And everything about me.
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A photo of Jaycee15 Jaycee15
I wanted to go on a 17 day excursion to HOnduras last summer. My parents couldn't afford to help me pay for the trip so I worked every chance I could get a shift at the grocery store I worked at topay for it. It made the trip even more worthwhile knowing that I was the one who got me there in the first place. And I think I appreciated it more as well from knowing all the hard work I put into it.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I would say working hard to get the marks that I do which got me on the Honours Roll. I think the most fulfilling thing would be getting early acceptance to university. I will be experiencing the city life in September in Ottawa 7 hours away from my hometown (I'm from a very small town)and I am extremely excited about it! Counting the days until September.
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
Getting into pharmacy school was pretty fulfilling, as was doing a two-week road trip across the States without a hitch.
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A photo of Nyx Nyx
getting into stanford, if it ever happens
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A photo of fallonb1 fallonb1
Becoming a vegitarian. Also living a fair trade vegan products lifestyle.
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A photo of smileyAnn smileyAnn
Not being judgmental, at least not at first acquaintance, and being me without caring how others judge me. I also listen when others need to talk which I find to be fulfilling because sometimes all someone needs is for someone to listen :)
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A photo of smokelky smokelky
I was accepted into a riding clinic with a two time Olympian. I had to submit a video with an application and was one of five people accepted throughout all the applications submitted throughout Alberta.
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A photo of sheslikethis sheslikethis
In my first year of university I got really involved with my schools ethics group. I became completely committed to the cause of advocating for the rights of the students and the rights of my community. I even fought for the 'Drop fee's' campaign that expressed to the Ontario government that students need lower fee's for post-secondary education. At the end of the year, I won the student life award. I was ecstatic and very proud of my achievement, it was the first time I ever won an award so rewarding in my life.

- sheslikethis :cyclops:
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A photo of SylvieLewa SylvieLewa
Wrote a novel.
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