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Becoming a Video Game Music Designer

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I'm a musician, and I'm enrolled in an ace-it program called Digital Sound Production. Awesome course, teaches you about stereo recording techniques, the technical nitty gritty stuff about digital and analog audio, and has a composition aspect in it too.
I plan on taking a course at Douglas College for a Certificate in Music Technology. My ultimate goal, though, is to design music for video games.

My question, though, is how does one even start to get involved in that kind of a career? I have no idea where to even start. I'm not musically trained, so my theory is less than stellar, but does anyone think the path that I'm taking could eventually lead to my dream career?
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Undergraduate and graduate programs in music composition are offered by a number of universities across the country. Entry requirements vary and competition is stiff for many programs, but most require applicants to audition. It may also be necessary to pass a theory exam.

Most music programs provide opportunities to work with musical groups and to have compositions performed.

Aspiring composers need to learn how to play at least one instrument; it is useful to know several. In addition, classical composition may require knowledge of other languages, such as French or Italian.

I'm guessing you're from BC? There's a program at the Art Institute of Vancouver called Electronic Music. That sounds pretty cool. There's also music composition programs at UBC and University of Victoria.
But the electronic music one sounds perfect for you.
"Write a popular song, score a film or documentary, create the music and sound effects for a video game. With the music/sound design needs of Vancouver’s busy film, animation and video games industries, graduates of the Electronic Music program will have the skills and knowledge necessary to produce their own electronic music and run an independent business doing so."

Check it out: http://www.artinstitutes.edu/vancouver/media-arts/electronic-music-c-13512.aspx

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