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Best Canadian Undergraduate Program for Marketing and Sales

A photo of cookie48monster cookie48monster
Hey everyone,

I just wanted to hear some insight on which Canadian business undergrad program you think is the best for a specialization in marketing and sales? WHY? And what're the pros and cons of that school/program? Thank you! :)
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A photo of ivey312 ivey312
Any top-tier business program would help prepare you for marketing/sales but to be honest, most of these schools in Canada focus on finance. Although there are some marketing positions available to students from Ivey, Queens, and UT, you will probably have to do a lot of your own research and networking to get these jobs. I went to Ivey and had plenty of marketing interviews and offers but its really competitive and a lot of people I know didn't get any interviews. It's the same at any school though, you really have to do a lot of work on your own but your schools career management centre will help you out. Good luck :)
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