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Best college for Law?

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I am currently a HS senior planning to study graduate Law after college. I've heard that law schools look for a high GPA (and high LSAT score) irrespective of the undergraduate college. If this is true, which of the following offers would be the best option for my undergraduate studies? (Unfortunately, the best ones here are known for forcing lower class averages.) Fees and location don't matter and I'm planning to major in Poli Sci (because I'm actually good at it).

UBC (known for grade deflation)
U of Alberta
U of Toronto (known for grade deflation)
UCLA (known for grade deflation)

Furthermore, if these options are not realistic for getting into a top-tier LS, should I consider accepting an offer from Bristol (in the UK) for an LLB instead? This is despite Bristol being a lower-ranked university compared with some of the others above and would be a change in career path for me, obviously.

Thanks a lot in advance!!
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Carleton is your best choice for political science - you're right in the centre of Canadian politics.
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Out of those choices, UBC and UofToronto are supposed to be the best for poli sci. That being said, if you're looking for top tier law, the grade deflation shouldn't effect you. If you're not pulling high enough marks at UBC or UofT to get into top tier law, you don't deserve that top tier law school.
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Western University is good as well as trinity college also nice.
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Bristol is a good uni and well respected in the UK, it's also a great student city... but it's not generally considered one of the 'best' for something such as law, probably outside the top 10 nationwide and so I'm not sure it would be worth coming to the UK for compared to other top unis in Canada.
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Go to lawstudents.ca

Ask that question. I can tell you now that you'll hear "go where you want and study what you want"
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Loyola university, Chicago is a private law school located right in the centre of Chicago. It offers many options and has become a compelling choice for many students wishing to study the law in America.
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