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Best Co-op Schools

A photo of brad1234 brad1234
I've applied to Laurier, Mcmaster, Ottawa, Brock, Western and Uvic all for business. A big part of my decision is based on co-op so i was wondering which school has the best co-op program.

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A photo of noxx98 noxx98
Laurier has the best in my biased opinion. Has a great location for co-op, a large enough program to attract employers, and is one of the better business schools.
Brock is iight.
Western doesn't have co-op, although they do have intern opportunities (every school has those though)
Not sure on the others.
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A photo of brad1234 brad1234
Ya, i agree with Laurier having the best co-op program but ive heard its really hard to get into.
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A photo of miiyo miiyo
yea i think laurier is the best one.
have high 80s average and im pretty sure you will get an offer :)
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