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Best engineering discipline for me?

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I'm confused as to what discipline is best for me. I've seen the engineering courses/calendar to help get a better idea but they all seem to have some really interesting courses and some that seem like a dread. I really enjoy the kinematics, dynamics, and energy parts in physics but not really into circuits. I also like doing everything in math but hate chemistry haha. It's not a whole lot of information but based on this what would be the best choice for me? Any advice is really appreciated.
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Look into Mechatronic Engineering, from what I hear it's a mix of Electrical and Mechanical
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The best course of action would be general engineering for a year. This gives you exposure to what engineering courses are like in university and what a career in each discipline looks like. U of T, Mac, Western and Queens all have a general first year (or Track 1).

If you like kinematics, math and those sorts of topics but not like chem, look into mechanical, mechatronics, civil, environmental, industrial/management, systems/integrated and/or biomedical engineering
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