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A photo of moebalkis moebalkis
Hi guys im really confused about which is better program (from all perspectives such as salary, difficulty, interesting or not, difference between each etc . .. )

Chemical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Civil engineering
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A photo of chatmike chatmike
Yeah... you probably won't get many replies for making a full caps-lock title, in the wrong section, with a silly question... i'll humor you though since i have a spare 5 minutes and i'm a jerk.

How do we know what interests you...? No one can give you any advice there friend. Look at the concepts in each engineering faculty and decide if you like it.

I'll make a flow chart for you though since i'm a nice guy.

Do you like chemicals?
If yes, go into chemical engineering.
If no, proceed

Do you like sustainability and helping the environment?
If yes, go into environmental engineering
If no, proceed

Do you like structures like bridges (is that even what civil engineers do? no clue)?
If yes, go into Civil engineering
If no, find a different field.

Heres a good starting question:
Do you like ENGINEERING?!

Differences between engineering faculties?


What type of response were you expecting? /facepalm

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