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best highschool math course for bscn??

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Im in grade 11,and Im choosing math courses for next year in grade 12. What's the best math to take? What's the easiest? Which one would best apply to nursing?

Thanks in advance!:cheers: :cheers:
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Hey there!

It really does depend on where you plan on going (which University/College and city/province) because the math requirements will vary. I'm not too sure what to tell you about which math course is easiest or better for you since I don't know where you live.
If you're in Ontario, here is one example from a school of their nursing requirements for grade 12 applicants:

Completion of the OSSD (or equivalent) including:

English U
One of [b]Advanced Functions U, Calculus U and Vectors U or Mathematics of Data Management U
Biology U
Chemistry U
Two additional Grade 12 U or M courses to total 6

My school (University of Western ontario) only requires grade 11 as the 4 pre-reqs:

Applicants Presenting the Ontario Grade 12 Diploma
Applicants must have a minimum of six U or M-level credits. including:

REQUIRED - 65% in each of
Grade 12 U English
Grade 12 U Biology
Grade 12 U Chemistry
And 65% in one of:
Grade 11 Functions and Applications (MCF3M)
Grade 11 Functions (MCR 3U)

I hope that this is helpful information... if not, I would suggest calling the university or college you would like to attend for admission information; they will gladly answer all of your questions.

Good luck!!!!:tongue:
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thanks so much! I live in ontario, and I will probably be taking either data management or advanced functions!:bball: :bball:
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I took both data and functions. I don't find that I really use either (so far, I do know you take stats in year 3), so I would say go with data since it's easier. This is the only math we've done all year:

Desire/Have x supply = amount

Calorie calculations

and equations like this in physiology:

Filtered load = GFR x plasma concentration

So as long as you passed grade 9 math I think you're good lol
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thanks! I'm going to do data just because its probably the easiest out of the three ( functions, data, calculus) and I would hate not to do well in math in gr 12! :cheers: :cheers:
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