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Best management core classes at McGill?

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I'm hoping to get some answers from the Management students here. I'm already at McGill, graduating next year (U3) and a returning student after a 3 year absence. Anyways, I got into a minor in management and am wondering which classes people recommend both for what you learned and usefulness.

So far I've done Intro to Accounting and for the Fall term I have "Management Economics" and "Information systems", both management core classes. i picked them because they sound interesting to me. My question is this: do any of these two classes require math/algebra? I thought Info systems was mostly learning excel spreadsheets and stuff like that. I did some of that back in CEGEP and forgot most of it (that can be quickly remedied with a few online tutorials I figure). However, the info on the class states that algebra might be needed. Is this true? Last time I did math was in high school, which was 7 years ago.... Needless to say, I want to do classes which require no math (I also realize this limits me quite a bit).

Are these two choices ok? I was told Info systems was interesting. I've heard good stuff about Marketing and Org behaviour as well (though I'm not too interested by the latter). Would Marketing be a better choice? What were your favourite basic econ/management/finance classes? Which was the most difficult? My first choice was Business Statistics but I was told Math was an integral part of that course and if I was not up to date I would flunk. I should also add that due to a double-minor, I might have to take a 6 class term, so knowing which classes are easier would be nice so I can group them together. Any advice/recommendations would be highly appreciated.
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