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best nursing schools - 2012

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k guyz wat r the best universitites in ur opinion 4 nursing?

just wondering....y do a lot of the universities take very few people for nursing compared to life sciences (which was my original option) n the averages required r so much higher too? I applied to way many schools than I would have if I was applying to life sciences alone cuz I was seriously worried that I wouldn't get in.

I applied to:
Western (both uni n Fanshawe site)
York (Seneca)
Ryerson (uni site)
Trent (final backup)

My first choice is Western cuz I heard that was the best but I don't think I'll get in at the uni site....it's seriously competitive!! Do u think the Fanshawe site is fine as well or should I rather choose Ottawa cuz that's my second choice?
I didn't apply to Mac cuz I didn't wanna do the PBL experience....or was that a bad idea?

N do u guyz know which schools offer the most clinical experience?

My average for my top 6 courses will probably be 85%-88%, by the end, or atleast for midterm
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I'm currently in year 1 at the Western site and I absolutely love it so far! Applying to Western AND Fanshawe (both sites) would be a better decision (in my opinion) than just Western.... the cut-off mark at the Fanshawe site tends to be a bit lower than at the main site (Western). For this reason, you have a better shot at getting into the program if you apply at both sites! I applied at both sites last year, and thankfully I was accepted to both, but some people I know were only accepted to Fanshawe.... but they seem to love it there just a
much! :)

I believe the cut-off for Western site last year was around 87-88%... and Fanshawe site was 2-4% lower than that, so an 85% sounds reasonable. :P I don't know much about the other schools listed, but I have heard that Ryerson has a great nursing program. :)

Good luck! And if you have an questions regarding Western/Fanshawe or nursing, let me know!

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