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Best one for CMA Designation

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does anyone know someone who has been to Western Huron BMOS and Carleton because they are pretty much even for CMA but one has to be a little better. I am looking for quality education and easily obtainable interships/coop.
Heres what I think

Carleton BCOMM

-in the Capital City(lots of connections)
-graduate with a BCOMM
-can choose two areas of concentration
-recent success in case competetions
-excellent alumni
-admitted into coop right away
-have sharwama
-CMA accredited

-coop placements might not be as great
-reputation isnt the greatest
-building dnt look that great
-some companies in Toronto might not come to Ottawa
-far and very expensive
-place seems extremely boring

Western Huron BMOS

-campus looks good
-ok reputation
-smaller classes
-internships are great
-taking classes at any of the affiliate colleges
-great city
-CMA accredited
-closer to home
-chance for Ivey

-BMOS is a social science degree
-parties might distract me from doing my work
-Huron is looked down upon????
-no great BMOS Alumni
-not lots of info on this program

I think that both are even but a really need help choosing one. If anyone would post comments about their experiences from these schools or what they know that would greatly be appreciated. Remember I want a CMA, good school, and working experience.
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