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Best Option for Transferring to Ivey?

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Hey, I'm wondering what's the best option for me. So it seems like everyone's mentality is "Go Big or Go Home." Honestly,it seems peculiar that nobody lists their backup schools (I know you all have one). For me, mine is the University of Windsor (In my city). Let me tell you my situation: So far, I've only been accepted to the University fo Windsor and Western. I'm still waiting on Rotman Commerce like most of you probably still are. Although, I honestly don't care about Rotman anymore since the cost of living in T.O. is just way too high for my family, even with the scholarships I've received. My options now are to either stay in Windsor or to go to Western and hopefully transfer to Ivey. If you read my previous post, I didn't apply to Ivey because I thought I wouldn't meet their qualifications. However, after mid-terms, I do meet the qualifications in terms of marks and possibly ECs (at least in my opinion). Yes, I know, this is just a huge slap in the face for me since people in my school getting roughly same marks and having less ECs are getting in :(. I kind of have my heart set on Ivey. Which path should I take? Stay in Windsor or go to Western BMOS? I've provided some pros and cons of each uni below but I'd appreciate it if I hear other peoples' opinions on my decisions. Hopefully, it should help those of you thinking of going to a small-town uni (such as Windsor, Brock, Lakehead, Algoma, etc.):

Windsor Pros
-Small town (I know a lot of people going into my program already)
-Small uni (smaller class sizes = profs can focus more on individual students)
-Cheaper since all I have to pay is tuition
-Minimum average to qualify for an entrance scholarship is 75%
-More hook-ups in my city through my dad = more opportunities for jobs and volunteer experience
-My program offers co-op after the 2nd year
-Lots of clubs at my local uni (almost 10 in the business department alone)
-Less competitive
-Lots of student support (profs know all students by their first names)
-Most of my graduating class is going to Windsor, just for a better chance of getting into med school
-Lots of international students
-Windsor has the most strip clubs per km^2 in Canada (shhhh)
-Much easier to achieve 80%+ while having good ECs (According to people I know who are doing the BCOMM Co-Op program

Windsor Cons
-School has a lower reputation in the eyes of employers
-Profs aren't as famous in their fields
-Only reputatble programs are its law school and engineering departments (I wouldn't even be surprised if you've never heard of the University of Windsor)
-less likely to get a job after graduation

Western Pros
-Ivey :D
-Wide variety of clubs to join
-Student life is great
-More options in terms of programs
-Students helping each other (Students in dorms make study groups with each other)
-MUCH higher reputation

Western Cons
-VERY expensive
-competition for Ivey (essentially everyone will be competing against each other since a lot of people don't have AEO status and for those who do, they need to work even harder to maintain it)
-Profs focus less on individual students since there are a lot more people
-Class sizes are huge for first year

Thats all I can currently think of for now but any insight on this would be helpful. I'd really like to know whether it is better to stay in Windsor, where my ECs would be much easier to maintain, or just go to Western like all the good-looking kids do. Thanks!
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