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A photo of dvan dvan
My average for midterms is 84.5, I applied to Ryerson, Brock BAcc, McMaster Bcomm,and Laurier BBA (will probably get an alternate offer for econ). What are my chances and what program should I choose? (assuming I get an alternate offer from Laurier)?
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Did you write the Laurier ABS form?
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A photo of dvan dvan
I did, but it was mediocre at best.
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First off, it seems like you know that if you were to get an offer to Laurier BBA that it is probably the best choice for you.


Ryerson: All but guaranteed
Brock BAcc: Highly likely
McMaster BComm: Highly likely
Laurier BBA: Unlikely, unless your ABS/ECs are insane
Laurier Honours Ec: Highly likely

As for which one to choose, it depends on what you are interested in. I'm thinking you want to be a CA since you applied to Brock BAcc, so you would probably want a fully accredited program, which leaves Brock BAcc, McMaster BComm, and Laurier Honours Ec.

Laurier Honours Ec is an excellent program, but you have fewer options. There are only a few concentrations (accounting being one of them). If you are really interested in economics and accounting it would be a good program, and if you like Laurier as a school it may be good.

Brock BAcc is a very good accounting program but is accounting-only. It has a decent co-op program as well. If you like Brock and are confident that you will like accounting, it may be a good choice.

McMaster is a good school, not too many bad things are said about it. It is good for accounting. There's nothing great about it really (other than the trading floor) but it is a reputable school and just a solid program. Being a full business porgram you're not limited and have many options. If you like Mac and are unsure of if you like accounting enough, it would be a good choice.

If I were to make this decision, I would probably choose either Mac or Laurier. Mac's program is solid and is all-business, but I do like Laurier's atmosphere and also there is a chance you could transfer into the BBA program without too much trouble. Without putting much thought into the decision, I would personally choose Mac if I had to.
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