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best pre-pharmacy option - u of t vs. mcmaster

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I want to get into pharmacy (hopefully after 2 years) so I need to keep my marks up during my undergraduate studies. I have been accepted to both UTSG & Mac. I have been thinking about going to UTSG because I can save money by commuting and will receive a significant amount of scholarship money from them, but I have heard a lot of negative things about U of T and that the work is very difficult.

Is it worth it in the long run to go to a smaller school like Mcmaster, where it will be easier to keep my marks high?? Are schools like Mac really that much easier than UTSG?

Anyone know anything about life sciences at UTSG or Mac??
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I've been hearing a lot from these school recently.
For me I would definitely go to UTSG because it's been my dream school since forever... and it's the best school in Canada, you really get to train yourself there. U of T would prepare you better for pharmacy. However, it can be hard since the people there are all really good. But for me I think it depends more on yourself because it doesn't really matter how good the others are as long as you are good, right?
Mac's also pretty good for life sci though. There's a Ap chem teacher in my school who used be a professor in Mac and he is AWESOME. It'll be easier to get a higher GPA too but I still think it depends on the students themselves, not the uni.

Anyways best wishes =)
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I'd have to say Mac.. but I think it depends once again on your own study and work habits.
I'm planning to go into pharmacy as well. My mom strongly favours UTSG, but I disagree with her.
It's not an impossible school to maintain a high GPA at, like a lot of people say..
But in order to get into professional programs like Pharmacy, you need a somewhat competitive GPA.. probably at least a 3.5.. and I just wouldn't take that risk at UTSG unless you're really confident in knowing that you can succeed there.
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Thanks for the feedback!
I like both schools for different reasons, so it is going to be hard to choose.. but your advice helps! :)
Good luck to both of you!
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