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Best Res at Laurier?

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If I decide to go to Laurier in the Fall, I would most likely be staying in Res (even though I'm from waterloo), but I just want to experience it, so which is the best res to stay in; whether it's the social life and where you're still able to focus on school?

Thanks! (:
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hey! i go to laurier right now so i know alot about the residences... you're not actually allowed to apply for a certain res in particular, but you pick which style (dorm, apartment, townhouse etc.) and hopefully if you're lucky you get what you want. that being said, i didn't get what i wanted. i picked dorm style in a coed res but i got stuck in all girls. anyways i know that sounds like the worst possible situation ever, but I LOVE IT HERE. like im pretty sure ive made some best friends for life here, and my floor is awesome and i'm so close to everything on campus. everyone at the beginning was dreading it, but i know for a fact everyone i know here loves that they live here. (and believe it or not there is very minimal drama going on in our floor hehe)
So yeah, if you pick dorm and get single gender, don't freak out you'll love it. If you pick apartment style and end up off campus (max 10 minute walk to campus) then you'll be able to make your own food, have your own bathroom (shared with your roomies, not the whole floor) and it has a bit more privacy if that's a big concern for you. There's also townhouse style, which has 2 floors, usually 3 people with like a kitchen and common room downstairs and a bathroom/2 bedrooms upstairs (one single and a double).
So there's not really much you can do to choose which building you live in, but whichever one you live in I know you will love it. We just had hawkweekend a couple weekends ago, and its basically like a huge competition between all the residences, and you really see how much love everyone has for where they live (even off campus people!) like, i can't even explain to you how much spirit there is here at laurier, but if you come here i know for sure you will love it :)
sorry for the rant... hope i helped though :)
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oh! and tomorrow's laurier day! so since you already live in the 'loo you should definitely come check it out :) its a bunch of tours and info sessions and all that fun stuff... theres usually lots of cheering singing people too who will totally entice you to join us here muahaha
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