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Best Residence at McGill?

A photo of frozenyogurt frozenyogurt
I just got accepted to McGill and I am looking at their residences.
So far I really like Mcconnell and New Residence. My parents like the Greenbriar apartments just cause they are located in the center of campus.

For anyone who goes/has gone to McGill, could you elaborate a bit about the different residences? Which ones to avoid, which ones are the easiest to make friends in, which ones are the most party-crazy...etc
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A photo of Rainkist Rainkist
Congratulations! From what I know --

Upper Rez, Prez Rez, Uni Hall, and RVC have the more traditional college lifestyle. Upper Rez has more of a party rep than the other ones here. I forget which one had the biggest party rep, Molson or McConnell... though a lot of people complain about the small rooms and the costs not being worth it. RVC is probably the quietest/cleanest one here, and has that Fine Arts living community. Uni Hall/Prez Rez are small communities and probably more tight-knit; don't know much about these.

Greenbriar, Solin, and MORE houses are all nontraditional and for the more independent-minded - you cook for yourself and live in an apartment or shared house. I personally think these are the nicest in terms of living space and decor. I've heard Solin and MORE housemates become like family, Solin because it's in its own little world a ways off from campus and MORE because well, you'll be sharing that house with a group of under 20 people. It's not for everyone, but for those who embrace it, I'm sure it's an experience to be cherished.

New Rez and Carrefour are both hotel residences, but I hear a lot more good things about New Rez. People's reactions are pretty polarized. These are the most expensive residences, so you probably find the richer kids here. New Rez has a party rep like Upper Rez - I don't know about Carrefour.

So I'd say New Rez and McConnell are pretty different besides maybe the social atmosphere, but there's a lot of room for fluctuation with that. All up to what you're looking for in rez; location, social/study environment, food, living style... :) Best of luck with the decision. If I decide to go to McGill, I'll be entering this fall as well!
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A photo of SiobhanE SiobhanE
I am currently living at Douglas Hall and I have to say that it was the best decision I've ever made. The people are all incredible, our dons are tons of fun and there are always events going on. Everyone is incredibly close. At the same time, it's pretty quiet and studious so if that's a concern, don't worry about that (at the same time, there is always a party going on somewhere if that is what you're looking for). I was really torn between RVC and Doug when I was applying because RVC was so conveniently located but the hill is really not bad at all. No regrets here.

Also, I have a lot of friends who live at RVC and they love it there as well. If you go in with a positive attitude, I'm sure you'll have a great experience no matter where you live.
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A photo of lemony lemony
It honestly depends on what you are looking for.

Upper residence, dorm-style, single rooms
Molson: Huge partying reputation
Gardner: Also parties a lot but seems to have a lot of school spirit, and THERE IS A CUTE BABY THAT LIVES THERE
McConnell: Floors split by gender, also parties
Douglas: Kinda old looking building, very friendly, known for being where scholarship people go (although I didn't)

Not upper residence, dorm-style
RVC: Great food, suuper close to campus, has a girl's wing, renovated lobby, no sign-ins for guests as opposed to other two hotel-style (it's surprisingly annoying)

New Rez: A bit of a walk (like 5-10 minutes), HUUUGE (like 700 people), seriously looks like a hotel, mostly doubles
Carrefour: Closer than New Rez but also a hotel, some renovations this year but not as glamorous-looking as New Rez, also smaller (like 300 or so), mostly doubles

Prez Rez: Literally across the street from campus (the closest you can get), only like two floors, still has mealplan
Uni Hall (aka Dio): People say Douglas is all "old" looking but this place is really cool and definitely beats it IMO, it's all wooden and carved inside and there is a church attached to it - just look up photos, also only two floors and with meal plan

MORE Houses: You live with like 20 people, there are maybe 8 of them... it's a bit of a toss-up what people you'll live with but everyone gets along regardless (kinda have to), crazy house parties at some, save $ by buying groceries and making food
Greenbriar: Apartment-style, a bit institutional-looking inside but some have balconies and it's super close to campus, the actual apartments are nice as well, again save $ by cooking

Solin: You have to take the metro but Solinites get supper close to each other, it's like if you took apartment-style living and dorm-style living and combined them into one then dropped it 2 metro stops away, everyone always seems to put down Solin but the people who actually end up living there LOVE it, also $ cooking although you must buy your own metro pass

Also @Rainkist: it's Molson, not McConnell, that has the major "party" rep although I sure you that EVERY single one of the residences parties, just some a little more than others. Don't pick residences based on "they party" or "they're quiet", they all change depending on what's happening.
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A photo of katherinealida katherinealida
Anyone know anything about la citadelle?
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A photo of SiobhanE SiobhanE
La Citadelle is the brand-new rez opening next year, so no one has lived there before. It is really close to campus, across from Carrefour. It's a hotel style rez I believe.
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A photo of McGillnewbie McGillnewbie
Hi Guys,

I just got admitted to McGill and now I'm choosing/ranking residences. I'm kinda interested in the Greenbriar campus, since it's close to the campus, I can have my own kitchen, and plus i heard we can easily get to everywhere in Montreal. However, I have some questions.
- in your opinion, is the security at Greenbriar high?
- what type of people, in general, usually live at this residence? is it the party type? the study type? the geeky type? the Artist type? the conservative type? the 'do-nothing' type (like... just let the days pass without doing anything fun or interesting)?
- I dont think there's many facilities at this residence. So, is it possible that I can find a good gym, music center, theater, studio, etc. somewhere near Greenbriar, or at least somewhere near McGill campus?

Also, where can I find information about costs of different residences? I'm not sure if Greenbriar is very much cheaper compared to a well facilitated residence, say... New Rez.

Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.
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A photo of SiobhanE SiobhanE
McGillnewbie: Here is the list of fees for each residence for next year (unfortunately, they seem to have increased them all since this year - I definitely do not pay this much per month right now..) http://www.mcgill.ca/students/housing/downtown-undergrad/fees

Greenbriar is ideally located, close to campus. McGill has it's own gym which is pretty nice, just up the hill from there, approximately a 5 minute walk. There are dozens of theatres close, the most popular I would say, located on St. Catherines, is probably a 15 minute walk from campus. Basically, everything in Montreal is conveniently located... the public transportation system is incredible and campus is right downtown so you can find everything you need quite easily.

I'll be honest and say that I have never been inside Greenbriar and have only ever met one person from there so I don't really know how to describe the type of people who live there, but I would describe him as being artsy.
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A photo of Sunnyclown Sunnyclown
Considering the price and location, more facilities and greenbriar now are my top two choices. Anyone can give me more advice on which is better? more or green?

Thanks a lot!
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A photo of springfling springfling
I really want to get into Douglas, single/double it doesn't matter to me. My parents are just really unsure about the communal washrooms and I didn't really understand the explanation. Do girls and boys share the same exact washroom? Is it like a gym change room with shower stalls?
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A photo of McGillnewbie McGillnewbie
Thanks SiobhanE. After looking at different residence, now my top two choices are Green Briar and MORE.

Greenbriar is fine for me, however I'm quite qorried that the place is too peaceful and maybe boring (just my first impression when looking at the place, maybe I'm wrong), and also I'm not sure if living single in an apartment would be boring and would limit the chance of kaing new friends (I'm an international student, and I dont know anyone in Montreal, so one of my aims is to make friends there and to get fit in quickly).

MORE kinda interests me more because it's kinda a mix, I can both have a single room for myself while living with a small group of students, so i can make friends with them. One thing I'm not sure is whether I can have a single room for myself (by that I mean a room where only I live, and with lock(s), so that I have privacy and that I can keep my stuff secured. Another thing I'm worried is that I'm not sure if it's a good idea to live in the same house with other people. it's good if everyone can get along well, however conflicts may happen, or I may end up living with a party person, or a person who.... steals stuff, for example. One last thing, I know that there's only 2 toilets per floor in MORE, so imagine there's a situation when I have diarrhea, or when I need to shower before school and both toilets are used.

Also, at MORE residence, how are the bills gonna be paid? are all people living there gonna share?

I know I'm worried too much, but those are possible to happen. So... can anyone help give me some advice.

Thanks guys
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A photo of SiobhanE SiobhanE
springfling: I am currently living in Douglas Hall and I have to say, it's the best experience of my life! Yes, we have co-ed communal washrooms. On each floor there is a washroom with 2 or 3 toilet stalls, 2 or 3 shower stalls and 2 or 3 sinks. I was nervous about this coming here as well but it's never been a problem at all - its actually waaay more convenient than at places like RVC where if you're visiting a friend, you have to go up or down a floor to get the appropriate washroom.

McGillnewbie: From what I hear, MORE has a very tight-knit community and if you're looking to meet places, it'd defintely be the way to go. Bills are covered in your rent and I do believe there are single rooms (with locks) available. Like all rez's there is a lot of shared spaces and people are forced to spend time around people that they may or may not like- however, you may meet a new best friend as well (I did!). I think MORE houses have more of a family feel than Greenbriar. I know 2 washrooms may seem like too few but it's the same here at Douglas and it's never been a problem. Rarely is there a time when there is anyone else in there.
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A photo of springfling springfling
Thanks SiobhanE!
One more question. Were you a scholarship winner? I'm not, so are my chances of getting into douglas really slim? :/
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A photo of SiobhanE SiobhanE
Yes, I am a major scholarship winner and if I was to give you an approximate number, I'd say 96% of people here are. However, the people who aren't all live in double rooms seeing as they are a lot less popular than singles. If you don't mind having a double and are dying to get into Doug, listing a double as your first choice is safer than listing a single, I'd say :) Roomates are paired together by the dons based on a little questionnaire you fill out and all the dons for next year are really amazing people - everyone seems happy with their pairs this year.
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