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Best Residences at Guelph?

A photo of jluksts jluksts
I just accepted my offer to Guelph for Biomedical Sciences, and I am very excited.. but I don't know which residences to put down on my application! I like the thought of East residence and their suite-style rooms, I love to cook and I like the thought of having my own bathroom. Any opinions/experiences in East?
Overall, what are the best residences at Guelph? AND would you suggest living in a cluster or living learning community, such as La Maison Français?

Thanks for your help!
Jessica :)
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A photo of mikey12y mikey12y
I heard any of the north residences are decent, just not south haha. I'm going to guelph too !
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A photo of biosci biosci
Hey! I lived in a biological sciences cluster in first year. I lived in Johnston Hall it was awesome. I think North residences are better. South was way too crammed for me and a single room in south is about 3 times smaller than a single in Johnston Hall. My closet in Johnston Hall was about 1/3 the size of a single in south. Although there are some benefits of living in south. It's closer to Rozanski hall (where your first year lectures will be) and there are cafeterias right in your residence buildings. Living in Johnston, it's just a short walk to get food but Guelph winters are really something coming from Windsor.

Do you guys know about the facebook group?

:cheers: Welcome to Guelph! :cheers:
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A photo of awaysheflew awaysheflew
I'm applying for the Applied Science cluster, which I've heard is always in South (biosci, can you confirm?). Johnston, Mac, and LA will probably be my other choices.

I saw the East apartments when I went to Open House last week, and they're pretty nice. The rooms are a pretty decent size.
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A photo of biosci biosci
Hey awaysheflew, yes those are usually in South but it depends how many people apply to that cluster. It might get so big that they might make another one somewhere. That one is usually in South though :)

I love all the signatures! Guelph representttt!!!
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A photo of BusterBaxter BusterBaxter
I've heard really great things about Eco House :)
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A photo of Student89 Student89
Im not in Bio Sci but i've partied, made friends and stayed in all of the residences, even Artz Haus, which no one really even knows of. I went from east res to south for social and meeting new people, reasons. North is a great place overall i'd say but south is a lot better socially. The single rooms in south were the same as east res building, artz haus and most north. The biggest singles are Johnston (by experience), but the floors are some times less social. South has the ability of meeting a lot new ppl at the caf's, lots of parties (mostly in the basements) and the halls. It really depends on the type of person you are.

Non-social and all work=Lambton
Really Social= South or North
Like privacy, studying but social too=Johnston or North
And extremely private and slight social (in small groups)= East res.
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