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Best School for Mining Engineer

A photo of HiEveyone HiEveyone
Hey there, does anyone know what's the best university for mining engineer?
I heard there's a bright future for the job
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A photo of ktel ktel
I would say University of Alberta or University of Calgary. Closer to Yellowknife and the North, which is where you will probably be working. I know the mining engineers at U of A seem to find jobs pretty easily. They have exclusive job fairs just for them and have a ton of corporate funding pouring into their program (they have their very own computer lab just for them, for example)
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A photo of ChubbyNotebook ChubbyNotebook
Check out Laurentian University. There's a nickel mine in Sudbury, and Laurentian just opened a new School Of Mines.
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A photo of HiEveyone HiEveyone
Does anyone know anything about university of queens for mining engineering? I heard that they have a great program
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A photo of threepointonefour threepointonefour
UBC also has a respectable program. Be sure to research all your options though.
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A photo of aelovely aelovely
I am actually a year ahead of you frosh, and am starting Queens Mining Engineering in the fall. :)
If someone had suggested mining to me this time last year, I would have been upset. But in January I was blown away by their orientation evening and all their profs were super approachable and helpful when I was trying to make up my mind. The undergrad academic mining rep, Tina, is fantastic!

You have a small class (between 30-50 kids per year) compared to the 170 or so that end up in something like mechanical. Mining also does field trips every year (4th years normally go to peru or something crazy) and everyone is really tight. I haven't even started yet, and I already feel like I am apart of the mining crew. They seem like such a solid bunch.

As far as academics go, you have 3 program options :mine(mechanical), mine(general) and mine (mineral processing and environmental) depending on what you want to do. I am in the mineral processing option and just got my schedule. I get to take chemical, electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering classes over the four years along with the mining ones.( which include learning how to blow things up!) If you cant make up your mind, mining is a great option because it is so open and you get to learn EVERYTHING.

There are a lot of stereotypes about mining engineering and the type of job you will have, but none of them are true! (unless you want them to be) There will definitely be a big demand for mining engineers in the coming years (They told us that only about 120 gradates are Canadian-made each year, and the industry needs at least 220 at the _current_ rate of growth). Dont let that influence your decision, talk to your frecs, and decide later, because you have lots of time.
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A photo of ktel ktel
^ Sounds like the mining engineers at U of A. They are almost cult like. Haha. I don't mean that in a bad way. But they are very close and all do clothing orders so they can all have matching hockey jerseys that say mining engineering on them.

Now while I don't doubt that you get to learn a lot in mining engineering, it's not the most general degree you can do. So if you don't know what you want to do, mining is still pretty specific.
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A photo of noxx98 noxx98
royal military? idk.
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