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Best universities for neuroscience

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Best universities for neuroscience?
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well, U of T has a pretty good neuroscience undergrad program. as for most other universities, youll probably have to do an undergrad, and do a post-grade program in neuroscience. hope i sorta helped :D
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Other than going to med school right after graduation, are there any other options?
and is neuroscience at u of t a good program and what is the admission average?
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Just like many other sciences, you can get involved with research projects, do your masters or Phd. Fresh out of undergrad, the pay from job is not the greatest, if thats a factor for you as well. Im sure its a really good program. seeings as im going into grade 12, ive been doing my fare share of research on it. admission; really competitive since not many universities offer the program.

other jobs; you can also do things such as optometry, physician assistant(which is a pretty new program), research(as i stated above) etc. but the main reason id personally be taking it, is cause i want to do neurosurgery(which is med school ^_^).

let me know if u find anything out other than what i said. :):chef:
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