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Best University for International Development Studies?

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So, I have been doing research on different universities for International Development, and I have found quite a few programs that seem interesting (or at least somewhat close to home).

- University of Ottawa
- University of McGill
- University of Guelph
- University of Toronto Scarborough Campus

There's also Trent University, but I've heard it's a real bird school...

does anyone know which one of these programs is best?
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A photo of sevenzeroz sevenzeroz
There's no "best" university for any one program, at least in my opinion. I think what you should do is look at the specifics of the program, like what courses you will take and if there is co-op/internships, elective options, etc. Choose the program that best caters to YOUR likes and interests, not the program that has the best reputation or whatever. There are oppourtunities that exist at all universities and choosing one that is't as reputable as another doesn't mean you will be at any less of an advantage.
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