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best university of toronto college for an engineer?

A photo of madox madox
ive applied to engineering and compsci at u of t, but im not sure about which residence to choose. some preferences of mine:

-I would like it to be a newer building
-the best food and meal plan quality don't really matter...well they kind of do but I can live with bad food
-I would like an apartment style room suite, where I live with a couple of other people but we each have our own rooms, and we share a washroom in our apartment (not one where an entire floor poops and showers in one washroom)
-prestige doesn't matter
-I would like there to be some socializing and a bit of a community feel

thats about it. the most important thing is the apartment style rooms, everything else isn't as important to me. judging from what ive learned so far, i think woodsworth would be best for me, then innis or chestnut. its a crap shoot between the other four colleges.

thanks for any help.
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
If you want apartment style, you can't have a meal plan, there just is no college that does both. Innis and Woodsworth are apartment style, and neither have meal plans. I think they are 4-people suites for the most part, but I'm not too sure on that. I think Innis is newer (?) but Woodsworth is not old and crumbling by any means. Innis and New and Chetnut have the most engineers by far of all the colleges, the other colleges only have a few spots reserved for non-A&S students, so many engineers just settle for New and Innis and Chestnut.
In terms of food, if you lived in Innis you'd have to buy and cook all your meals (there is a kitchen in your suite). You could buy a meal card for another college but you'd have to walk to that college for pretty much all your meals, every single day.
If the only reason you want a suite is because of the bathroom issue, Chestnut has private bathrooms for all the rooms, except it is not suite-style and they are all double rooms with roommates. Chestnut has a meal plan, but you have to walk the most to get to the campus, I'm going to guess 10+ minutes at least.
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A photo of AsianFail93 AsianFail93
The majority of engineers get chucked into chestnut (I think if you live in the GTA its even more probable)

I think woodsworth is actually newer (and as of last year - off limits to anybody aside from people in that college: You had to be in their college and rank them #1 as college preference(engineers aren't part of the college system))

Well, bit biased here but I kind of like chestnut. It's filled with engineers so if you need help or whatever - lot easier.
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