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Best way to combine finance and computer science in university?

Some people that I know (and trust) have laid out a path for me, thought it's very vague: It involves somehow combining Finance and computer science in university and that's all I know. The idea is to work in the finance sector but having computer science as a nonetheless necessary skill. Can anybody suggest how I might go about this? Major in one, minor in the other? Undergrad in one, masters in the other?

I am interested in university of Toronto, however the BComm. in Finance and Economics comes as a specialist degree, which doesn't leave much room for compSci. Pls help!!
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Lol, there's a reason it can't be done. Each of these disciplines have too many core courses required to be combined. If you want to study both, you'll need to do separate degrees, there's no other way around it.
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I'm not sure how it works if you're able to do a specialist and an additional major at UofT, but taking a brief look at the finance/econ specialist degree you have 10-11 free spots for courses you want to take? I'm pretty sure you could fit a CS minor in there. 

I hope to shed a bit more insight in this specific topic, I'm an upper year CS/BBA student at Waterloo (looking to specialize in finance) and I've worked in fintech. I would suggest doing more research in what type of role you want in your career. Are you more interested in careers in algo trading, quants, data science? Or are you more interested in traditional finance roles and you're just looking to leverage a bit more technical skills?

if it sounds like the former, I think just doing a regular CS degree is enough - you can focus your side projects in finance and apply for jobs at finance firms, they're always looking to hire CS students.

If you're just worried about being a business student without technical skills, I think taking a CS minor is enough, but don't expect this to be enough to land the positions I mentioned earlier without a lot more work. You can get a CS minor without going through very much rigour. 

I don't think you need to worry about a masters yet. I would suggest doing more research and seeing if you're even interested in studying CS (it sounds like you're decently interested in finance). Surprisingly I think a CS degree is more flexible in the finance industry, if you really had to choose one, but ultimately it depends on what kind of job you want. 
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I go to McGill and have a friend that is in the Arts and science program with a double major in Econ and comp sci! So you could look into that. Otherwise, in the faculty of science you could major in comp sci and minor Econ or in the faculty of arts you could double major Econ and comp sci or major Econ and minor comp sci. Also, you might be able to be in the business program and minor in comp sci but I’m not 100% sure about this one. I believe Mcgill also offers a minor in finance but I’m not completely sure, look on their website it is very helpful and feel free to ask more questions :)
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