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I just got accepted into AEO. I am going into BHSC and then either BHSc/HBA or HBA/Law dual degree. I have lot of questions
1. How hard it is to keep above 80% average with BHSC courses for first 2 years
2 How hard it is to get into law via HBA and do a dual degree
3. Is BHSc even good choice to get high average
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You keep re posting this :)

Don't stress, as I've said. I'm planning on going to law school when I'm done my undergrad. I'm in Health Sci at Western. You've made an awesome choice. Health Sci is lots of fun. It will give you a nice balance between the Science that you love and the Social Sci which will help you succeed on the LSAT and in law school.

1. Definitely possible, all dependent on effort. The thing about health sci is it seems like common sense, but it's really not. You DO need to study. That being said, you can do really well.

2. This is actually a good thing to do if you want corporate law. Doing the dual degree for your undergrad is hard, remember it is 5 years, not four, just something to consider. Law schools like to see people apply who have something different it makes you stand out if you're not just another Social Sci kid. You'll really stand out with Health Sci and Ivey. That being said, it's not a free ticket, you still need to do well, both in undergrad on the LSAT. you need ECs and everything else. Your degree will make you stand out, don't let everything else drag you down.

3. This is pretty much the same as the first. I know people that are barely passing and i know people with 90s. It's not dependent on what marks you got in high school, its dependent on how much effort you put into school. Don't get carried away in Westerns awesome party and undergrad scene. you just need to recognize that school and your grades are the priority. They should be your focus. Fill extra time with everything else. Don't make partying the focus and school what you will fit in just before the exam. This seems easy, but most issues in undergrad result from people not finding this balance. (And I not saying you have to be a hermit, just remember to actually do your work throughout the term, not just the week before exams).
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