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Bio mark....help

A photo of safarhealthsci1 safarhealthsci1
Ok so befoe the last bio test my mark was 90%. Our biology marks are divided into K/U 35%, T/I 35%, C 15%, AP 15%.

I basically screwed up the test..sort of. -_-

These were my marks on the test (again it is divided into 4 sections)

K/U=70% :batman: T/I= 95%:cheers: C= 94%:cheers: and A= 73%

Before this my overall averages for the above sections were k/u 89%, t/i= 92% C=90% and Application was 87%

I want to know how much I will drop because I am not familiar with this system..and GRRRR just a while ago I noticed that an application Q on a quiz for example has a higher weight factor that one on an assignment. I was told that they all feeded into that 15%..but thats bullshit.

So any ideas as to what my mark would be now..I 88%/87%?:((
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A photo of Haru Haru
errr sorry im not sure how to help you calculate your mark but i have a question about bio in general. im taking bio this semester as well. im just wondering...what are you learning right now? (i know a lotta schools teach different stuff, that's why i'm asking)
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
You're not going to drop 7.2% from one test. That's nonsense.
It's hard to calculate your mark. It depends how much tests are weighted in the grand scheme of your mark.
I once bombed a bio test.. got like 60-70% and I only dropped 1-2% so you shouldn't be super worried. It also depends how high/low your test bin is. If all your tests were done all in the 90%+ percentile, it might drop a bit more, but if all your tests are in the mid to low 80% percentile, it shouldn't drop significantly.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I read your post wrong (failed to read most of it actually).

If you have the marks for each thing you could figure it out, unless the teachers weight things weird.
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A photo of Noemata Noemata
The weight factor primarily depends on the number of tests you've had. I remember my first Biology test had a weight factor of 36% (all categories combined), but now it's down to about 12%. Don't worry too much about the drop if this is your first or second test. You will not drop much if you've consistently been doing well in other evaluations such as labs, all which combined with the tests make up your mark.
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