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Biochemical Engineering

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I'm thinking of pursuing into biochemical engineering
(and I'm likely go to UWO for chemical engineering and specialize in biochemical option in 3rd year)

my question is that is biochemical engineering about genetic engineering, tissue engineering, stem cell and etc?

I'm just having hard time trying to decide whether pursue into biochemistry&genetics (@UWO) or biochemical engineering

and are those two programs the same thing?
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Hey! I'm in the same boat. You're right about biological engineering- it is about cellular-level chemistry... everything from dietetics to biofuels to toxicology and pollution control. After BP, I think the world needs more of us :)

In all cases, if you're entering an undergraduate degree, pick the program that keeps the most doors open. I tunred down the President's scholarship at Guelph for Biomed Eng because biochemical or plain chemical leaves more wiggle room in terms of career opportunities and specialization in a graduate degree. Don't count on being the same person and making the same decisions four years from now.

RE: your question... Genetics is looking purely at the human body and its cellular chemistry, whereas biochemical engineering studies everything from microbacteria to bucket chemistry. Are you going into medicine? If so, maybe choose genetics. Otherwise, stick with biochem pure and simple.
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