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Do you apply for this program from High School OR after 1st year in the program ?

How competitive is this program ?
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Hey! It is a pretty competitive program but the estimated cut-off is around 75% - 80% for this year. You would apply from highschool and indicate the co-op option. I have a friend in her third year of this program. She really enjoys it. During your second year you will have your core courses like biochemistry, fundamentals of nutrition..etc first semester and then second semester you have no courses. You just have a co-op placement.

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Hey, I'm new to this site using my friends account.
Hopefully I can help, Biochemistry at guelph was my Undergrad program before I moved to UBC for graduate studies.

I know lots of people have misconceptions about universities so lets clear that up:
U of G has more life science expertise per capita than any other university in North America and receives more health related research funding then any other Canadian university without a medical school

So, first year is basically the same for any BSC major-nanoscience, genetics etc.
after first year you get more into the biochemistry courses.
cut off will most likely be around 80, the most competitive program at UOG is biomedical science which is 85+ and you have to maintain a 75+ average once you are in.

In my opinion biochemistry is a bit challenging but also rewarding. I'm not sure if you made up your mind yet, but go to whichever university you will feel most comfortable at and enjoy since you are spending 4 years of your life there.

This is how each of your semester will generally look like..scroll down.

Good Luck!
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