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Bioinformatics at Waterloo

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Has anyone else applied/been accepted to UW Bioinformatics? I get the feeling that it isn't a very popular program. I'm the only applicant at my school and I'm still waiting to be accepted. Electronicinfo.ca says enrollment is 25, but I'm not sure how accurate that is. Just wondering if anyone else from Studentawards has applied or got an acceptance.
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I think the enrollment is much higher than that, though Bioinformatics is a pretty small program. Probably more like 80-100 total.

It's a cool program, and I don't know anyone enrolled in it that didn't like it. The mix of biology and CS is a really big thing for a lot of people with an interest in both areas.

It's not like, say, Computational Mathematics, which is a complete gong show of a program, with practically no one enrolled in it.
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A photo of dimidium dimidium
Thanks for the reply!
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