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Biology vs. Biomedical

A photo of hard07 hard07
What is the difference between these two programs at YORK?

Also, does York have a lot of research opportunities?
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A photo of fruitloops93 fruitloops93
Basically, biology focuses on human systems where as biomed focuses on human systems and the application of medicine...

i think :)
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A photo of christophersingh christophersingh
yea if you want to get into the sciences and become a researcher do the sciences if your into medicine and wanna be like say a doctor than biomed would be better
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A photo of Stratton Stratton
I think biomed is about humans more and biology is more general including animals and plants as well as humans.
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A photo of biosci biosci
Hey, basically biomedical science approaches biology in a more medical way. Your core courses would include things like physiology, endocrinology, urinology..etc. Whereas in a biology program you have a wide spectrum of courses to choose from such as life strategies of plants, mammalian physiology,ecology..etc

First year is usually the same but in the upper years that will be the main difference. Good luck!
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