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Biotech at Ottawa

A photo of venthan venthan
i waz just wondering if any1 cud give me the 411 on Biotechnology(Coop)at ottawa.is it gud in comparison to other courses like Biomed at Western n life sci?
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A photo of boyaninska91 boyaninska91
hey in response to your post im a second year student I was in the biotech program in ottawa last year and this year im trying to transfer to ryerson for chem engineering. Biotech was an incredible program, it is easy to get in BUT NOT EASY TO STAY IN!!!!!!!!!!! You need at least a B+ university average to stay in biotech anything less you get placed on probation and possibly kicked out. Its 5 years because you do eng and science courses but if you are willing to work hard and focus very heavily on studying, you will do well. There are a lot of very demanding courses and very few electives and some years you have to complete a summer semester but overall the program is structured very well and can open many doors for the future
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