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biotechnology @ uOttawa

A photo of Xizeta Xizeta
Any thoughts on this program? It says it offers two degrees: biochemistry and chemical engineering. I am more interested in engineering - would I be better off just doing a chemical engineering degree?
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A photo of Inception613 Inception613
I'm also looking to apply into this program. My plan is to attend med school so I was wondering if this is a good program to study as it gives a good fallback. As well does anyone know what cut-off avg is for early admission into this program?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Xizeta, I don't know about the program but it seems a good one from reading uOttawa's website. You have the choice of doing co-op too. However, if you're more interested in engineering, it might be easier to specialize in chemical engineering. Your choice though.

Inception613, the cut-off is 80-82% (80% for co-op). Check:

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A photo of Taengoo Taengoo
Biotech at uOttawa is an extremely intense program, especially if you choose to do Honours and/or Co-op, which you definitely should. I think it's 189 credits worth of courses. I wouldn't recommend taking it unless you are interested in both aspects of the program, as you will struggle to maintain a high academic standing if you're really only studying for half of your courses. Trust me, you'll learn in university that it's very hard to study for something that you aren't interested in. If you intend to take both Co-op and Honours, you can expect to take at least 6 or 7 years to graduate, depending on how many courses you take during your study terms. Not many students graduate from the Honours program (most of them switch to other programs), so if you do manage to make it to the end and obtain your diploma, consider yourself highly respected amongst the uOttawa alumni. c:
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