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A photo of HeyYo HeyYo
Ive read quite a bit about Bishops being an easy university to get into, but then i read they have alot of great programs. Quebec doesnt seem to have a CUDO type website like Ontario does so i can find any info on admission averages. Their economics program interests me, what kind of acceptance average are we looking at?
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A photo of christianbale christianbale
It says this on their website

General Admission Requirements
Students applying to Bishop’s are expected to have graduated from high school in their home province/state at the university preparatory level, having taken an academic curriculum and maintained a minimum 80% average (*82% for Education + review of letter of intent and CV) on senior courses.

Considering this, I would aim for a low 80s :cheese:

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A photo of HeyYo HeyYo
no thats just their recommended average. they should have released data on the ACTUAL admission average for last year.
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