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thoughts on it's con-ed program and the school as a whole?

Program is exactly what I want but I haven't seen or heard anything about this school which is concerning...

I want to hear ANYTHING you know about it!
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A lot of education classes have province-specific content. I'm not sure where you are, but don't go to school in Quebec unless you intend to teach there afterwards.
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Hi there,

I currently go to Bishop's University and I'm in the Elementary Education program! I am just starting off my second year within the program, I can say without a doubt, it's very hands on - in my first year I was already in the class room unlike some universities you don't get that experience until you're 3rd year. So far in my second year, I spend one full day every two weeks in the class room teaching grade 2! So far my university experience has been a blast, inside the classroom and outside the classroom. There's something about the atmosphere here at Bishop's University, which makes it very unique! If you have a chance, sign up for a campus tour, sit in on a class or even attend a Bishop's sporting event! That way you can get a feel when I say it has a very "unique" atmosphere. Small school, you really get to know the people around you, PLUS you really have a chance to connect one on one with your profs!

Feel free to shoot me a message if you'd like!
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