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Black Students in University?

A photo of happygolovely happygolovely
:pale: Okay this is in no way shape or form meant to be a racist related ...thing. Just know that. but a kid at my highschool was talking about the very few black students at like basically all the schools i wanted to go to (Queens, McMaster, Waterloo,York, Western Ontario), and i'm not sure if he was saying it to me to scare me out of going to university. He made it seem like i would not fit in at all or that i will not be able to meet any other black students who like me, are in university

what is your take on this...is all of this stuff true O.o
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A photo of Blessed101 Blessed101
LOL first off York is like half black aha :p
and second, i can guarantee you that there are black students at each and every school you have mentioned, i personally know some to. The population is not as much as the Asian or white population, but there are some. If this issue is really bothering you, id say visit the prospective campuses and have a look for your self. And whoever said that is very very close minded, just because someone is black, they are sterotyped to not go to university?
ps. Im black aswell :)
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A photo of happygolovely happygolovely
loool @ York and thanks for the input
yeah i just wasn't sure what his deal was. Its not so much a big deal but i just don't want to go to a school where there is like...negative negative black people. not only will i most likely feel out of place, as many (not all) people would, but i would probably feel uncomfortable or let it get to my head and ask myself....why am i here. The environment is pretty important too. And i agree, they do definitely stereotype black people like we cannot make it to university. smh
thank you :)
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A photo of sherrybloosm sherrybloosm
Black students are very rare at Western; a disappointing aberration for me.
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This post was deleted

A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
It's true for Mac, Waterloo, Queen's and UWO (not sure about York).

But that shouldn't deter you from going to those schools. I'm a minority as well and didn't have a problem fitting in at either of the universities I've attended.
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A photo of happygolovely happygolovely
sucks that very few minorities are found in (well at least what some say to be the best) universities. I thank you guys a lot for the input, i've just been doing a lot of thinking and every bit of info is helpful. Respect :)

Quant is just smh, typical stereotypical, extra, and unnecessary person but what else is new :salut: #sad
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A photo of imaginaryengineer imaginaryengineer

sucks that very few minorities are found in (well at least what some say to be the best) universities

Reali? Have you ever been to uoft? Seriously people are from everwher here.
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A photo of OscarUK OscarUK

@happygolovely wrote

This isn't twitter.

OT: Welcome to the egalitarian utopia that is Western civilisation, you'll find the situation is broadly similar throughout North America and Europe.
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