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BMOS First Years - What math are you taking??

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So many math courses to choose from! Which ones are most useful and which ones did you choose? I see that CALC 1301/1501 requires 1000/1100 as prerequisites, so does this mean I have to take one of the easier calc courses before taking the more challenging one? I'm a more math-oriented person so I do want to take more challenging math courses. Please help?
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If you're in BMOS, you may not need to take the more challenging courses. If you want to take the easier route, you should look at 1229 and 1225 - they are the easiest courses offered in first year at UWO and you won't sink a lot of time into studying for them. If you prefer a more challenging route, you could do 1000 and then 1301. I'd avoid 1501. It'll eat up a lot of your study time (that could be better spent on other courses) and you won't get much out of it (except, perhaps, the respect of your friends and family). 1301 is a bit of a simplified version of 1501. 1501 is meant for math intensive degrees and 1301 is meant for less math-intensive degrees. There's a few links in my signiture that you may want to check out.
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