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A photo of SKing16 SKing16

I'm making my schedule for UWO and I really need some help. I'm currently into BMOS with Ivey AEO, and I had some questions that I hope people could help me with. Your help and time will be greatly appreciated.

1. Which Math course should I take, under my circumstance (I'm Ivey AEO and need 80% average minimum), Methods of Calculus (1225) or Calculus (1000)? I know 1225 is easier, but which one will better prepare me for Ivey? I heard Calc is a pre-red for some Economic courses in second year, and I was wondering if those eco courses are important. My other math course is matrix algebra.

2. Psych or Poli Sci? I'm interested in both, but I heard Psych is better for business...which one is easier?

That's about it. Any tips on schedule making would greatly be appreciated, I currently have gaps between almost every class, which I heard can be a waste of time... is it better to have like 2 or 3 back to back classes so I finish earlier?
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A photo of LittleDavid LittleDavid
Take 1000 as it will be useful if u want to transfer to Econ major plus it aint that much harder. And take 1228 easiest course on the planet... studied like the night before the exam and pulled off 90s. And take psych... no essays
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
Calc 1000 and probably Psych if you don't want to write essays. But Psych does have a lot of workload in terms of readings and quizzes and online discussions.
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A photo of TruthfulTruist TruthfulTruist
Maybe someone can clear this up for me but,

I read that it's recommended to take Calc 1000 for people pursuing finance, should I take a supplementary second semester Calc like 1301? Or will 1000 be enough ?
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A photo of TruthfulTruist TruthfulTruist
I originally did want to take Math 1225 because it's basic calc and I don't care for calc that is engineering / science oriented (IE. stuff that is useless to me).

However, someone said that if you want to pursue finance, it's a good idea to take Calc 1000.

Can someone confirm this?
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A photo of mvplayur mvplayur
Math 1228 or Math 1229?
In terms of easiness.
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