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Boreal or Cambrian?!

A photo of mylovebud mylovebud
I can't decide between the schools, I've applied to Child and Youth program for both schools. I've heard that Boreal was more hands on and practice. Meanwhile Cambrian was more reading and theory (which is totally BLAH for me) Does anyone have any comments?

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A photo of VanessaGlasby VanessaGlasby
I don't think it's fair to really generalize schools as either practical or hands-on based on the assessments of a few people. It is important to remember that a lot of what you get out of your college experience is based on what you put in to it. If you don't put any effort in, then you're probably going to get bored with it, but if you really try to do your best and work hard, then you will likely find your studies enjoyable.

You should also keep in mind that Boreal is a predominantly French school, while Cambrian is perhaps more English. If you are bilingual, then this will likely not be an issue, but if you are not, it may be something to consider.

A big portion of a course is certainly the professor. I have not attended either of the institutions you mentioned, but I'm sure there are both good and bad profs at each of them. Regardless of where you go, there will be classes you like, and classes you don't. Wherever you go, I'm sure you'll have a great time!
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A photo of mellaniedoode mellaniedoode
I'm currently in first year cambrian college CYW course.
and I LOVE it.
The profs are amazing, the are willing to help you through everything. I wouldn't say its all textbook stuff. Actually, it is hardly. In one of my classes this semester I have to go volunteer at an after school program. And fill out case studies like you would have to in the work place.
Camrbian also has two placements I'm not sure about boreal.
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