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Brantford Campus Rez

A photo of kathleenMARIE kathleenMARIE
I was thinking about applying to the Bachelor of Journalism at Brantford, is there a way you can choose what rez building you want? or are you thrown into wherever they have space for you?
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A photo of abcjasminecba abcjasminecba
That's one of their best programs, you should definitely apply! Brantford's a really small campus though, so be prepared
My brother works there, and im not quiiite sure, but I think you can say a preference of rez building and they'll try their best to get you in there. In any case as soon as you apply you'll see it on the forms!
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A photo of TaylorRutherford TaylorRutherford
I go to Brantford right now and I live in rez. Last year it just asked whether you prefer a single or a double room. Not what residence you want. Most of the residences are nice, and close to campus anyways, so there isn't really a bad residence :) ! Hope that helps!
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