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Bringing Attention to Touch Textbook Spam

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So, the Student Awards Forum was spammed with an advertisement for a site called Touch Textbooks. The thread which contains this spam is found here, and this thread that I've started is intended to bring attention to that thread since, currently, only a small number of people will see it because of where it is posted. I did comment on that thread, but I figure this is better...

Now, I hadn't heard of this website before the thread was posted so I searched for the website, which is located here, and had a look. The site advertises that, for a $50 fee, students will have access to over 3 million textbooks in digital format without paying a per download fee. The site also claims that their ebooks work on all Mac computers, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

I Googled for reviews and did find some, but they were the EXACT same review as the one posted here, just copied and pasted in loads of other places. I'm just trying to figure out if this website is a scam - which I want to hope it isn't since I would love to use it - or if it is simply a new website that is doing a very poor job of trying to advertise themselves...

Has anyone heard of this website before? Has anyone tried it? Is it a scam?
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