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brock bacc

A photo of teebag teebag
how is the accounting program at brock and how is the co-op

Also is res life good or bad?
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A photo of kiddinaround kiddinaround
Accounting program isn't bad. I am a current first year Brock Bacc student in residence.

The quality of academic work is quite good I find. I enjoy all of my classes and feel I am learning relevant information. You have to be willing to work hard though. Half-Assing it will get you no where in this program.

Co-op rate is dismal. They blatantly lied to me about the co-op rate, stating it was around 90%. Last year 60 out of 160 kids in the program got co-op (you can do the math on that one). Realisticly if you do not have 80% its a long shot unless you have good connections.

Residence is a lot of fun. I am in traditional style with a single room and I love it. I have great floormates and there is always something going on. I have friends in the townhouse style who love it as well. I would definitely reccomend residence. I can get a fair amount of work done in residence, although during exams, I went to the library a lot.

Feel free to ask me anything I will try my best to help.
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A photo of Umar45 Umar45
are most assignments in accounting in groups or are they mostly done individually?
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A photo of kiddinaround kiddinaround
individual and you have them every week
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A photo of missblair missblair
are there a lot of individual presentations?
and will you ever have to make a presentation in one of those huge lecture halls?
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A photo of kiddinaround kiddinaround
I have not had to make any presentations at brock yet. Plus accounting for Bacc students has 20-25 kids in it per class
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