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I got accepted into Brock for Business Admin with co-op, and want to go there. Can anyone tell me anything about the program, is it worth going there. I also got accepted into UTM first year of business, Guelph commerce, Mcmaster busniess, Waterloo arts (french) & Business, and UOttawa commerce. I really want to do a co-op, but Mac and UTM have internship which you do for a longer period of time, for 8-16 months. I rather have 4 month co-op. Ottawa has co-op, but it's really far, and i would rather stay a little closer to home than that.

Guelph i haven't heard much about their commerce program so i haven't really considered it. If you have any information about it could you let me know. Waterloo- i thought maybe it would be good to do french, to get better jobs and such, but i don't really want to take french any more, i think my french immersion since grade 5 was enough. So i'm thinking of going to Brock, i heard if you have co-op, the program is really good. Is that what everyone else has heard, or is there something different?
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Personally I would choose UTM or McMaster over Brock, but it is a decent program. If you can get a co-op job it will be very beneficial. I don't see it being too different from UOttawa and since UOttawa is so far Brock is probably the better choice. I applied to Guelph and might be able to answer some questions about the program.
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I would rather go to Brock for the co-op than Mcmaster. Do you know if Brock has a good Masters Program for BA? I'm not sure if i want to do the CA program. Yet.
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@Respects wrote
Brock's BBA program doesn't have the 51 required courses for CA designation. First priority goes to the BAcc students. It's something to consider. I would choose Mac's commerce over it.

He didn't say he wanted to pursue a CA did he? (Maybe I missed that).

Brock's BBA program is very well known in the Niagara region. They also have decent connections within the GTA. If you work hard, I would say your odds of getting a co-op placement at Brock would be much higher then getting an internship at Mcmaster. Co-op spots are available at many major Canadian companies. I know Tim Hortons just recently hired a co-op student in their finance department, and there is currently a posting up for Hydro One and the CRA in Hamilton. I know 4 individuals who got analyst positions at Banks and a couple mining companies which is interesing. My point is the co-op spots are very diverse.

MAC has a pretty good business program, especially finance, but don't go there relying on the fact that you will get an internship. Of all your schools you listed, Guelph would be my last choice. Sorry to all you Guelph supporters, but their business program is kind of a joke (unless your dire on a Hotel Tourism management job).

Brock`s masters programs aren't very reputable though.
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