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Brock Residence

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Can someone give me information on the different residences...the different styles...and the meal plans at Brock University.

I am planning to visit...but I guess it is good to hear information from people that have experienced the residence first hand. I am leaning towards single residence at Earp or Village because I believe there is a washroom connected to the room.

Also how does the application process work for choosing residence?...do you even get to choose. Also would it be wise to live off-campus starting from year one?...or live in residence in year one?

Thanks any info would be greatly appreciated
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Although I am not a Brock student, I did visit there last year.

DeCew, Vallee, Earp, and Lowenberger are all traditional style residences. DeCew and Lowenberger have both double and single rooms, Vallee and Earp are all single rooms. Vallee and Earp have washrooms that shared by two people (the washroom is connected to two single rooms), Lowenberger's washrooms are shared by 3 people (washroom in between a single room and a double room). DeCew's washrooms are shared by everyone on a floor.

Village and Quarry View are townhouse style. I didn't see Quarry View, but I know that Village townhouses are usually shared by 4-6 people. There's one main washroom shared by everyone in the townhouse, and a second two-piece washroom as well.

I unless they changed it this year, you don't actually get to rank particular buildings. You only get rank room types ("traditional single," "traditional double," "townhouse single," "townhouse double"). I also know that the residence admissions process is driven by entrance averages (the higher your average, the more likely it is that you'll get the room type that you want).

Also, based on my experiences in residence at Guelph, I would HIGHLY recommend living in residence in first year.
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